Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Upgrading SharePoint 2007 workflows to SharePoint 2010

As part of an ongoing migration project I'm looking at shifting a bunch of sequential and state machine workflows written for SharePoint 2007 (in VS2008) into SharePoint 2010 (which uses VS2010). The business logic behind them is sound enough and I'm on a relatively tight time-scale, so it's not feasible to carry out a review of these processes at the same time (otherwise I'd jump at the chance to LEAN them up, whilst they are relatively sound in respect of their reflection of current business practice, I wouldn't claim that the business practices they support are ideally optimised!)

There's a good blog post on how to do it here:


To go with this I'll also need to update the associated Infopath 2007 forms to 2010, again, someone else has done the hard work of working out how, here:


I'll be reporting back soon once I've verified that both these approaches actually work!

- rob

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